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History of the Jackson Health Network 

Watch our Verbal Value ReportIn 2009, as Congress debated a bill that would reform the delivery of health care in the United States, physicians in the Jackson community and leaders at Henry Ford Allegiance Health identified the need to evaluate the delivery of health care in this region. 

Discussions focused on changing the view of care from individual, pay-for-performance to collaborative, outcome focused care.  Four critical elements of reform were identified: 1) improving health outcomes, 2) lowering the overall per capita cost of care, 3) enhancing the patient experience, and 4)improving the work life and financial stability of all health care providers. 

Formation of the Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)

In April, 2010, the announcement of the formation of a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) was made by Henry Ford Allegiance Health.  The Jackson Health Network was incorporated as an independent network of Jackson community providers – including Henry Ford Allegiance Health and private practice physicians, primary care physicians and specialists – in a legal partnership with Henry Ford Allegiance Health.

We recognize that developing a sustainable model of health care delivery requires change. The Network is leading this change by establishing a unique care delivery model that aligns provider activities across the continuum of care and aligns incentives with payors and patients to improve the health of the community.

The JHN Vision

We, the participants of the Jackson Health network, will operate as a close partnership between Henry Ford Allegiance Health and affiliated physicians as a foundation for building an integrated system of health care delivery for the Jackson community and beyond.

The Future

Jackson Health Network, one of Michigan’s first CINs, offers physicians the best option to improve outcomes and lower overall cost.  Our success with these two factors will significantly impact reimbursement in the future.  As we prepare for a future, which includes value-based care outcomes, Jackson Health Network creates the opportunity to work together to define best care, while giving physicians a voice with payors.