JHN continues to pursue our goal of streamlining a physician’s work. We recognize how important it is in order to help you be successful, not only with the JHN Clinical Program, but with all the current health initiatives that are driving your patient’s health outcomes.

JHN continuously strives to decrease the effort, confusion and redundancy all our physicians’ face on a daily basis as we work toward improving patient and community health. To that end, the JHN web site serves to be your go-to site for all the JHN news and information that is relevant to the success of all JHN members.

Highlights of the JHN site for network participants include:

  • All details of the Clinical Integration Program, including all operational definitions for each bundle
  • Quarterly performance reports distributed to each practice
  • “My Health Path” material downloads for providers to print off and distribute to patients as needed
  • News, events or announcements, regarding the network, such as CEU opportunities 
  • A “My Network” area that aggregates content for the particular practice from across the site in one area

Naturally, we are excited to launch our new site. It will undoubtedly be an integral tool for helping physicians get what they need to be successful with JHN, and it will be available anytime they need it!  Stay tuned for information on how to log into your account and access the members area.