JHN's Health Care Angels

Since 2008 Jackson Magazine has honored Health Care Angels in the month of September.

Recognized for outstanding work in the area of health care in the Jackson community, these individuals frequently go above and beyond their call of duty performing at a high level often without recognition.  Health Care Angels are recognized for the passion they hold for their profession and commitment to their patients.

Jackson Health Newtork (JHN) members are daily demonstrating outstanding commitment to the residents of our community.  Over the years, individuals have been recognized by Jackson Magazine as making a difference in their work and the lives of their patients.  We wish to recognize those members designated as Health Care Angels.

  • Dr. David Halsey - 2008

  • Dr. Harish Rawal - 2009

  • Dr. Jerry Booth - 2010

  • Dr. Arthur Vendola - 2010

  • Dr. Raymond Cole - 2011

  • Dr. Mohan Kulkarni - 2013

  • Susan Beck, Pediatric NP - 2013

  • Dr. Gene Kielhorn - 2014

  • Dr. R. Charles Medlar - 2014