JHN Clinical Performance Committee

The Clinical Performance Committee is responsible for the quality improvement program.  Members are instrumental in identification of development needs, approval of measures of care, and assessment of the quality of care within the network.

  • Michael Foust, MD, Chair
  • Mohen Kulkarni, Co-Chair
  • Wendy Boersma
  • Bruce Barbour
  • Lisa Deehan
  • Nicholas Dyc
  • Gale Easton, PA-C
  • Ray King, MD
  • Mike Klinkman, MD
  • Jordan Knepper, MD
  • Kimberly Freese-Beal, MD
  • Souha Hakim, MD
  • Rose Johnson, MD
  • Brian Kim, MD
  • Mahender Macha, MD
  • Samie Parikh, MD
  • Amy Schultz, MD
  • Jonathan Sykes, MD