JHN Evidence Based Medicine Subcommittee

The Evidence Based Medicine Subcomittee is a subcommittee of the Clinical Performance Committee (CPC) of Jackson Health Network. This workgroup is charged with the identification, review, and approval of best practice protocol for Jackson Health Network providers based upon critical appraisal of literature and guidelines, clinical expertise and local values for on other matters as requested by the CPC.

  • Mahender Macha, MD, Chair
  • Chidamber Alamelumangapuram, MD
  • Andrew Duda, MD
  • Eliezer Gomez, MD
  • Shraddha Jatwani, MD
  • Anandeep Kumar, MD
  • Tina Maloney, PharmD
  • Lisa Million, MD
  • Amy Schultz, MD
  • Jonathan Sykes, MD