Jackson Health Network

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Jackson Health Network (JHN) is a collaboration between physicians, health care community leaders, and Allegiance Health working together to improve patient outcomes and safety, enhance patient experience and reduce overall cost through an integrated system of care.

Functioning as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), JHN is designed to continuously improve outcomes and reduce costs, and is dependent upon building a strong culture of committed physicians.  To help sustain that commitment, the program includes a pay-for-performance system that recognizes and rewards physicians for improved patient care outcomes.  This system stems from a program built on evidence-based guidelines developed from industry leadership groups combined with local oversight to assure that community needs are met.

Simply put, Jackson Health Network is a CIN that is:

  • A legal entity, allowing the hospital and physician to work together to improve patient safety, clinical quality and processes, and patient outcomes through an integrated system of care.
  • Able to engage in joint contracting that aligns payment methods with the new care delivery system.
  • Expected to demonstrate improved quality and efficiency year after year.

Jackson Health Network, one of Michigan's first CINs, offers physicians the best option to improve outcomes and lower overall cost. Our success with these two factors will significantly impact our reimbursement in the future. As we prepare for a future which includes value-based care outcomes, Jackson Health Network creates the opportunity to work together to define best care, while giving physicians a voice with payors.

Our Vision

We, the participants of the Jackson Health Network, will operate as a close partnership between Henry Ford Allegiance Health and affiliated physicians as a foundation for building an integrated system of health care delivery for the Jackson community and beyond.